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can contribute significantly to the growth and success of a practice by relieving the provider of the billing aspect so they can focus on patient care.

Practices are often faced with "billing nightmares" and providers are not prepared to face these issues. Providers opening their own practices are under the premise that they were going to run a "practice" not a "business". Many simple administrative procedures are overlooked, such as:

For many practices, outstanding receivables increased and annual bad-debt write-offs became routine. SMA Billing Sollutions, LLP is prepared to assist providers to maximize their revenues by offering quality service, high level billing knowledge and experience, payer know how, third party contacts, and excellent customer feedback.

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"SMA Billing Solutions, LLP will strive to promote and maintain the highest standard of professional billing services to our clients. We will continuously commit to provide excellent cutomer relations with integrity of the highest quality."


SMA Billing Solutions, LLP is a partnership that provides hight-level expertise in medical billing, follow-up and collections. It will focus on alleviating these functions from any practices so that providers can focus on patient care and building a successful practice.

The business consist of three partners that have over 35 years collectively of healthcare knowledge. All three partners worked for a major healtcare organization and have experience in the whole spectrum of revenue management.

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Sheri W.L.Richard Michelle W.Wong Arlene Salvador


SMA Billing Solutions, LLP offers competitive billing rates and will onlycharge a percentage of what is collected. We believe that this is not only an incentive for the providers, but also ourselves. This way it is in the best interest of both parties to collect maxium reimbursement on all charges.